How to get Briar Branches in New World

So you can complete a prickly request.

Image via Amazon Games

Gathering is an integral part of Amazon’s upcoming MMO, New World—and finding resources from bushes and brush is one way to do that.

While Briar Branches aren’t something that you’ll normally be able to obtain, the quest “A Prickly Request” sets you off to find some.

As you might expect, Briar Branches can be obtained by picking Briar. But where exactly to find Briar might not be intuitive.

Briar is most easily found around rivers, streams, and lakes.

Screengrab via Amazon Games

Assuming you’re on “A Prickly Request,” once you’ve found a body of inland water, you’ll be able to pick Briar around the edge of the water and get the Briar Branches that you need.

In-game, Briar will look similar to what you’d expect a Briar patch to look like in real life. With fewer leaves than a normal bush, it appears to be vinier with little thorns coming off of the vine.