How to get aged wood in New World

It's a lot easier than you might expect.

New World
Image via Amazon Games

Logging is one of four gathering skills in New World that all players have access to as long as they have a hatchet for cutting down trees.

Early on, you’ll likely stumble upon a quest that requires you to gather “aged wood.”

Lumberjack Needed is a quest that sets you out to collect 80 aged wood. To do that, you need to first level up your logging skill.

Aged wood is collected from “mature trees.” As you might expect, because they’re thicker than “young trees,” you’ll need more logging skill to chop them down.

You can collect aged wood from mature trees by hitting 50 logging skill.

This shouldn’t take up your entire evening, but it will be a bit of a time investment because the casting time for chopping down trees isn’t exactly short.

Additionally, you may need to repair your logging hatchet or craft a second one while you’re leveling. Trees of all kinds can be found in all the places you might expect, including by rivers and mountainous areas.