How to get a Jade Bot in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

Jade Bots make life easier for players.

Image via ArenaNet

Jade Bots are an incredibly useful tool in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons and can do things for the player like boost their mount’s endurance, help with gliding, or even aid in reviving from a downed state.

To unlock a Jade Bot, players must progress through the story. The Jade Bot is unlocked once the player reaches a certain point. There are no other requirements to unlock the Jade Bot except that they must progress to that point in the story.

Players can expect to receive their Jade Bot shortly after they leave the first map, Seitung Province. There are several Jade Bot Batteries around Seitung Province, but they won’t be usable until after the Jade Bots are unlocked. Players can take their Jade Bots with them anywhere throughout the map, including core Tyria, not just in Cantha.

After unlocking the Jade Bot, players are given a Jade Bot Core and a Module. The Jade Bot Core given to players increases their vitality by 100, and the Module gives mounts an energy regeneration boost of 10 percent.

There’s also a Mastery track related to Jade Bots. Once players unlock the Mastery, they should keep training the Jade Bot, switching from any other Mastery that they were progressing before unlocking it. This is because the Jade Bot becomes significantly easier to use after the second Mastery in the track is trained and unlocked with Mastery Points.

Screengrab via ArenaNet

The first Mastery will unlock a gliding booster, which will give players a boost while gliding. The second Mastery, and one of the most important, is the ability to carry more Jade charges. The third Mastery allows for a personal Waypoint, then the fourth Mastery gathers more energy from batteries and gathers energy from zip lines. The last Mastery allows Jade Bots to help revive the player from a downed state.

Depending on which core players put on a Jade Bot, they can also have some passive bonuses. Cores are crafted by jewelers and the more players increase their Mastery, the more cores they can craft to customize their Jade Bot.