How to fix the ‘Invalid Platform’ error when installing New World

The error is preventing players from pre-downloading the game.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Games’ upcoming MMO, New World, is available to pre-load through the Steam client now. But some prospective New World players are running into an error when installing the game when Steam tells them they’re unable to complete the installation process due to an “Invalid Platform.” The error message reads “an error occurred while installing New World (invalid platform).”

The cause of the error is unknown at this time, but the steps for getting past the obstacle are surprisingly easy and should help players get New World into their Steam library prior to tomorrow’s launch. Here are a few solutions to fix New World’s “Invalid Platform” error. 

How to fix New World’s “Invalid Platform” error

Image via Amazon Games

New World’s “Invalid Platform” error should be fixed before the game officially launches on Sept. 28. But to ensure you have the program downloaded prior to that, you’ll want to make sure you can get past the error. We recommend trying these solutions in this order if you’re looking to circumvent the issue in the game’s installation process.

  1. Close the Steam application and relaunch it
  2. Run the Steam client as an administrator
  3. Change the game’s download location
  4. Clear your Steam download cache
  5. Repair your Steam client’s library folder

Amazon Games has not commented on the existence or cause of the New World “Invalid Platform” error at this time. New World launches tomorrow, Sept. 28.