How to fish in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

Get ready for some peaceful fishing in Cantha and beyond.

Image via ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons is bringing fishing to Tyria. Players will be grabbing their fishing poles and setting out into the world to fish so they can complete collections and craft new items.

The fishing pole is unlocked fairly early in the game, and fishing something up is a requirement to get past a certain point in the story. Once the fishing pole is unlocked, players can go to any source of water and cast a line into it.

In the bottom left corner, right next to the skills, there’s a button that looks like the Mastery symbol. Click it to equip your fishing pole. This will bring up the fishing actions on your skill bar. Once you’re near a body of water, you can press the button to cast your line and it will give you a ground marker that indicates whether you can fish in that spot.

Screengrab via ArenaNet

Once your marker turns green, you can throw out your line and wait for a fish. Once you cast the line, a very light sound will play. Another sound will play when a fish is on the line and you’ll see your line bobble start moving. Reel in when this happens and it will bring up the fishing mini-game.

The goal of the mini-game is to keep the marker inside of the range. The range will be moving, and it can sometimes be erratic, so being ready as soon as your line is reeled in is essential. Using the buttons on your skill bar, move the marker back and forth until the line underneath the fishing mini-game is full. Fish can break from the line if the marker is outside of the range for too long.

Different areas house different fish, and some only show up at certain points in the day, either in open water or by the shore, or require specific bait to catch them. If you’re aiming to complete the fishing collections, hovering over the fish in each collection will help you figure out where and how to find each fish.

Bait and lures can be equipped from the equipment tab under “Fishing.” Different bait and lures can increase your fishing power, which helps with the difficulty of the fishing mini-game. Different vendors around Cantha sell bait and lures, but fishmongers and fishing merchants are unlocked with Mastery points.

The fishing Mastery will also make things easier for players once they gain levels. The first Mastery reduces the wait time for catching fish and triples the XP, while the second Mastery gives players a skill that detects and marks nearby fishing hotspots on the map. From there, as players increase their Mastery, they’ll get bonuses while nourished, a bonus to casting range, and new merchants in addition to a bonus in fishing power.