How to find Petalcaps in New World

You can harvest it from fungi in Windsward.

Image via Amazon Games

Obtaining resources to craft weapons and other items is a vital part of New World, but figuring out how to find specific materials can feel like a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to look. Some items, like Petalcap, drop from sources that only spawn in certain locations.

Petalcap is a tier II earth and protective reagent that can be found from harvesting specific fungi around the world.

Screengrab via New World

Specifically, you will find Petalcap by harvesting the appropriately-named “Fronded Petalcap” node that appears practically anywhere around the territory of Windsward.

Screengrab via New World

Fronded Petalcap will stand out because of its bright green, bulbous appearance. It will also have a darker green stem growing out of the top of it with sparkling little light green tips.

Gathering Petalcaps doesn’t require any levels in the harvesting skill, but it does require a sickle. Make sure to bring one with you before heading off to farm Petalcaps.