How to fast travel in New World

Travel in a blink of an eye.

Image via Amazon Games

MMO titles usually feature gigantic maps that are filled with various adventures and stories. When you first load into the New World, walking around and exploring the terrain will feel fun at first. As you level up and get familiar with the game, you’ll find yourself wishing you could teleport from point A to point B since you’ve already taken the trip in between for one too many times.

Fast traveling is one of the best ways to save time which will help you complete quests faster. Considering there are countless different objectives that will require you to travel around the map to collect materials, getting familiar with fast traveling will be key to accomplish more during your playtime.

If you’d like to fast travel to another location in New World, you’ll need to:

  • Open your map
  • Look for the city that you’d like to travel to
  • Hover on the city hall icon of that city
    • If you can’t seem to fast travel through the city hall, make sure that you aren’t hovering on the fort instead of the city hall.
    • Fast traveling only works at the settlements and each region will have a settlement you’ll be able to visit
  • After deciding on where to go, you’ll need to pay Azoth to fast travel to your desired location
    • If you’re short on Azoth, you can gather more by completing Corrupted Breaches or taking on down difficult enemies

When you’re in the same region as the settlement, you’ll only need 50 Azoth to fast travel to your location of choice. If you aren’t in the same region as the settlement, the cost will increase to 75 Azoth with an additional encumbrance cost. If your faction or company happens to govern the area that you’re trying to fast travel to, you’ll be able to fast travel with a discounted cost.

Running out of Azoth when you’re just getting ready to fast travel can be rather frustrating. If you’d like to not worry about traveling costs, you’ll need to dedicate some time to farming Azoth. Once you start farming Azoth, it’ll be a decent idea to farm enough of them that can last you for a couple of days so you can continue to fast travel without any interruptions.