How to craft sandpaper in New World

Round out those rough edges.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Games’ latest release, New World, is filled with resources and materials for players to procure and create with. From raw materials to refined products, the possibilities when it comes to crafting in New World are endless.

One of the trickiest materials to get your hands on in New World is sandpaper, which takes a bit of effort to acquire. Here’s how to craft it for yourself. 

To craft Coarse Sandpaper, you’ll need a Woodworking skill of 50, while the recipe to craft Fine Sandpaper requires a skill of 100. Coarse Sandpaper requires one Common Material Converter to craft, while Fine Sandpaper requires you to use an Advanced Material Converter. 

Screengrab via Amazon Games

To make sandpaper, head to the Woodshop in any settlement and select any tier three or tier four refining materials. Make sure you have a Material Converter in your inventory prior to crafting sandpaper. With all of the necessary materials in hand, you’ll be able to craft sandpaper without any questions.  

Sandpaper, regardless of its quality, is used as a refining material. Essentially, that means you can use sandpaper to craft other recipes, including those that revolve around Woodworking and Furnishing. 

Alternatively, you can find sandpaper in its already-refined state in supply crates across Aeternum.

New World is available to play and purchase now via the Steam store