How to craft Legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2

Legendary weapons are cool but very time-consuming

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Legendary weapons are one of the most popular end-game features offered in Guild Wars 2. But crafting them isn’t easy, and it’s almost always time-consuming.

There are three generations of Legendary weapons, each with their own set of four ingredients required to craft them. Each generation also has two gifts, one Fortune, and one Mastery, that must be obtained to craft the Legendary. The other two gifts are the precursor for that weapon, and a recipe unique to each weapon.

Each Legendary first starts with a precursor. Those precursors can either be bought off of the Black Lion Trading Post or crafted. Many of the precursors can be started at Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion’s Arch. He will give you the books that will unlock the collection that leads to crafting each precursor.

Once you unlock the collection, you’ll be able to see what you need to do for each one in the collections tab in the Achievements menu. Click on Legendary Weapons, and you’ll be able to see what Legendary weapon collections you’ve unlocked. Hovering over each part of the collection will also give a hint as to where you can find it.

As you complete each collection, it will unlock a recipe. Each recipe will bring you closer to completing the precursor. Once you complete crafting the precursor, or after you have bought it off of the Trading Post, you’ll then need to start gearing up to craft the Legendary.

Below is each Legendary, which generation they are in, and which two gifts are consistently needed across all of that generation’s recipes. For precursor and unique recipes, check out the Guild Wars 2 Wiki to see what you’ll need for the Legendary you want to craft.

Generation one – Gift of Fortune and Gift of Mastery

  • Frostfang – Axe
  • Incinerator – Dagger
  • The Moot – Mace
  • Quip – Pistol
  • Meteorlogicus – Scepter
  • Bolt – Sword
  • The Minstrel – Focus
  • The Flameseeker Prophecies – Shield
  • Rodgort – Torch
  • Howler – Warhorn
  • Sunrise – Greatsword
  • Twilight – Greatsword
  • Eternity – Greatsword*
  • The Juggernaut – Hammer
  • Kudzu – Longbow
  • The Predator – Rifle
  • The Dreamer – Short Bow
  • The Bifrost – Staff
  • Frenzy – Harpoon Gun
  • Kamohoali’i Kotaki – Spear
  • Kraitkin – Trident

*Eternity requires both Sunrise and Twilight and has different gifts to complete it.

Generation two – Mystic Tribute and Gift of Maguuma Mastery or Gift of Desert Mastery

  • Astralaria – Axe
  • Claw of the Khan-Ur – Dagger
  • Eureka – Mace
  • HOPE – Pistol
  • Xiuquatl – Scepter
  • The Shining Blade – Sword
  • The Binding of Ipos – Focus
  • Shooshadoo – Shield
  • Flames of War – Torch
  • Verdarach – Warhorn
  • Exordium – Greatsword
  • Sharur – Hammer
  • Pharus – Longbow
  • The HMS Divinity – Rifle
  • Chuka and Chumpawat – Shortbow
  • Nevermore – Staff

Generation three – Draconic Tribute and Gift of Jade Mastery

  • Aurene’s Rending – Axe
  • Aurene’s Claw – Dagger
  • Aurene’s Tail – Mace
  • Aurene’s Argument – Pistol
  • Aurene’s Wisdom – Scepter
  • Aurene’s Fang – Sword
  • Aurene’s Gaze – Focus
  • Aurene’s Scale – Shield
  • Aurene’s Breath – Torch
  • Aurene’s Voice – Warhorn
  • Aurene’s Bite – Greatsword
  • Aurene’s Weight – Hammer
  • Aurene’s Flight – Longbow
  • Aurene’s Persuasion – Rifle
  • Aurene’s Wing – Short Bow
  • Aurene’s Insight – Staff

How to get the Gift of Fortune and Gift of Mastery

To get the Gift of Fortune, you’ll need 77 Mystic Clovers, 250 Globs of Ectoplasm, one Gift of Might, and one Gift of Magic.

Mystic Clovers are most easily obtained from the day 28 login reward, and from the Gift of Battle Item Reward Track for WvW, which awards two per track completion. Globs of Ectoplasm are obtained in a multitude of ways, but most easily by salvaging Exotic equipment level 68 or above.

The Gift of Might requires 250 Vicious Fangs, 250 Armored Scales, 250 Vicious Claws, and 250 Ancient Bones, all of which can be bought off of the Trading Post or farmed from their respective mobs. The Gift of Magic is similar to the Gift of Might and requires 250 Vials of Powerful Blood, Powerful Venom Sacs, Elaborate Totems, and Piles of Crystalline Dust.

Putting the Mystic Clovers, 250 Globs of Ectoplasm, Gift of Might, and Gift of Magic into the Mystic Forge will reward players with the Gift of Fortune.

For the Gift of Mastery, players will need one Bloodstone Shard, 250 Obsidian Shards, a Gift of Exploration, and a Gift of Battle.

Bloodstone Shards can be purchased from the vendor by the Mystic Forge for 200 Spirit Shards, and Obsidian Shards are most easily obtained by using various in-game currencies. Check out the Guild War 2 Wiki for which vendor will work best for you.

The Gift of Exploration is rewarded when a character achieves 100 percent map exploration. Two Gifts of Exploration are awarded each time a character completes the map. The Gift of Battle is obtained by completing the Gift of Battle reward track in WvW.

How to get Mystic Tributes and Gift of Maguuma/Desert Mastery

Mystic Tributes require two Gifts of Condensed Magic, two Gifts of Condensed Might, 77 Mystic Clovers, and 250 Mystic Coins.

The Gift of Condensed Magic is comprised of four different Gifts that must be gathered and put into the Mystic Forge. Each one requires materials that can be bought off of the Trading Post or gathered. Gifts of Condensed Might are similar, but with different materials.

In addition to the 77 Mystic Clovers, players will need 250 Mystic Coins, which are obtained by the 28-day login reward, where 20 can be received from the first day of every week of the login reward. They can also be purchased from the Trading Post, or you can gable get them by Mystic Clover crafting.

To get the Gift of Maguuma Mastery or Gift of Desert Mastery, you’ll need to complete either all of the Heart of Thorns maps or the Path of Fire maps for the Gift of Maguuma or Gift of the Desert.

The Gift of Desert Mastery requires the Gift of the Desert, Gift of the Rider, a Bloodstone Shard, and 250 Funerary Incense. The Gift of the Rider ingredients are purchased from heart vendors after you’ve unlocked each mount. Combine them all to get the Gift of the Rider. The Funerary Incense can be bought by each heart vendor once per day, by exchanging Crystalline Ingots, which are limited to five per day, or can be bought in unlimited amounts from the Tomb of the Primeval Kings in Desert Highlands using Trade Contracts or Elegy Mosaics.

The Gift of Maguuma Mastery requires the Gift of Maguuma, a Gift of Insights, a Bloodstone Shard, and 250 Crystalline Ingots. The Gift of Insights requires players to complete Heart of Thorns masteries, which will unlock vendors that sell the item. Crystalline Ingots are obtained by crafting them from one Crystalline Ore, Fulgurite, Glob of Ectoplasm, and Amalgamated Gemstone.

How to get Draconic Tributes and Gifts of Jade Mastery

The new Aurene Legendary weapons are started by finding the crafting recipe for the precursor instead of completing a collection prior to being able to craft it. You’ll also need an additional gift that is unique to each weapon in addition to a Gift of Jade Mastery and a Draconic Tribute.

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Draconic Tributes also use a Gift of Condensed Might and a Gift of Condensed Magic, same as the Mystic Tributes. They also require 38 Mystic Clovers and five Amalgamated Draconic Lodestones. To get the Lodestones, complete Dragon’s Hoard and Drakkar’s Hoard events which have a chance of dropping them. They can also be crafted.

The Gift of Jade Mastery requires a Gift of the Dragon Empire, a Bloodstone Shard, a Gift of Cantha, and 100 Antique Summoning Stones.

The Gift of the Dragon Empire requires 100 Jade Runestones, 200 Chunks of Pure Jade, 100 Chunks of Ancient Ambergris, and five Blessings of the Jade Empress. Many of these items are obtainable by doing map metas, fishing, and farming Jade nodes.

Getting 100 Antique Summoning Stones is going to be either the most time-consuming or most expensive part of the Legendary. These stones are acquired after each successful Dragon’s End meta, or they are bought from Leivas after. In order to unlock Leivas, you must first complete the Arborstone Mastery Track. Even then, you can only buy one Antique Summoning Stone per week in each of the five currencies Leivas offers. This means you’ll either have to buy the stones or bide your time and purchase five each week until you reach 100. At the time of writing, Antique Summoning Stones are going for around 12 gold per stone on the Trading Post.

The gift of Cantha is obtained by getting map completion on all four of Cantha’s maps and combining those gifts in the Mystic Forge.

How to complete a Legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2

Once you have the four ingredients needed to complete the Legendary, which usually consists of the precursor, plus the weapon’s unique item, and its two generational gifts, put all four of the ingredients into the Mystic Forge, and you will have completed your Legendary weapon.

Legendary weapons are stat selectable, which means that once it is equipped, you can double click on it to swap its stats without having to go through the trouble of removing and adding them manually. The skin will also be unlocked for all characters so you can use it no matter which toon you are on.