How to complete Weakness of the Ego quest in New World

There are two ways to get it done.

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New World has a gradual climb in difficulty as players quest through the game, especially when it comes to Story missions. If you’re not at a high enough level to continue with the story, the game itself will limit how far you can continue.

The first time you may encounter a mission that looks to be quite difficult and require some leveling is during Adiana Theron’s Everfall questline, Weakness of the Ego.

Weakness of the Ego is difficult as it requires players to collect three Petalcaps and three Rivercress Stems, which both require a higher level of harvesting to collect. There are a few ways for you to progress if this is the case.

How to complete Weakness of the Ego

Image via Amazon Games

The most obvious way to progress through this mission is to level up your harvesting to 30 so that you may find and harvest both Petalcaps and Rivercress Stems. You can find both of these items in Everfall.

Another way to get these items if you don’t have the necessary level to harvest them is through the in-game Trading Post. The prices may vary, but you can simply purchase the required three of each item and use them to craft Corruption Tinctures, then continue on with the final Adiana Theron mission.

Water is easy to collect, and once you have the three pieces you need, head to an Arcane Repository to craft Corruption Tinctures.