How to complete Una’s Task: Ride Like the Wind in Lost Ark

Put on your taxi driver cap.

Screengrab via Smilegate

When players reach level 50 in Lost Ark, they’ll be introduced to gear honing to enhance their item level. There are many ways to earn honing materials, and Una’s Tasks are one of them.

Players can redeem three of them every day, up to four with a Guild’s boost, earning its rewards and increasing their reputation level.

In addition to being a great way to collect honing materials, increasing your score each week will unlock gold rewards, and completing those quests can unlock Rapport NPC and Island Tokens.

Una’s Task: Ride Like the Wind will ask you to take the role of a taxi and navigate the sea to give a ride to three Peyto’s customers. Here is how to complete it.

Screengrab via Smilegate

It won’t be hard to complete this Una’s task, and you can even do something else while you’re navigating the seas to drop the Peyto’s customers.

The only difficulty with it is that your journal compass won’t help you locate the required destinations, but you’ll have to enter the island’s names on the map to find their locations instead.

In general, the task will take you to Tortoyk, which can be accessed via the Ocean Liner Embarkation, as well as through navigation since it’s a small continent. The other islands will be found by searching for their names in the map’s research bar.

Once you’ve reached those islands, simply head to the yellow circle on the ground and the customer will thank you for dropping them at the destination. When you get the message and quest progress notification, head back to the sea and head to the next destination. Once the three customers are dropped, click on the quest’s information to complete it.