How to complete the Stone of Power quest in Lost Ark

It will reward the Serenity Isle Token.

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Most of the quests in Lost Ark are straightforward to progress through and complete, though some are easier and faster than others. That being said, some quests offer players confusing or incomplete instructions.

That’s exactly the case for the Stone of Power quest. Unlocked after reaching level 50, it’s a Roster quest, meaning it can be completed by whatever character you want. The XP it offs will go towards the Roster level. It’s given by the Legendary Blacksmith in the Serenity Isle.

Although both locations you’ll have to go to are indicated in the quest’s description, the Locate function is unreliable. Here is some help to complete the Stone of Power quest.

How to complete the Stone of Power quest

To complete this Roster quest, you’ll have to collect 15 pieces of the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok, stone fragments of Pebbling, and the fourth Claw of Thanatos.

To collect the pieces and the stone fragments, you’ll have to head to the dungeon of the Tortoyk Island, called Tortoyk’s Heart. Since you won’t have to complete it to get all of the necessary items from the quest, you can queue up to go alone and leave whenever you want to save some time.

You’ll have to head to another dungeon for the fourth Claw of Thanatos. Go to the continent of Yudia, in the Saland Hill area, and enter the Morai Ruins dungeon. You’ll have to complete it this time. The item will be dropped by the last boss.

Once all these materials are gathered, you’ll be able to claim the rewards and end the quest directly from the Quests menu.