How to complete all fishing collections in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

Grab your friends and some rods and sail out to the open sea.

Image via ArenaNet

Fishing is one of the biggest additions to Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons considering there are many things to do that relate to it, such as completing fishing collections or completing the mastery track for fishing and Skiff piloting.

There are quite a few different fishing collections introduced with the mechanic and they require the player to travel all over Tyria to complete them. Some fish will be super common, while others will require players to finish some parts of the fishing collections.

Completing every single fishing collection will take players quite some time since there are 30 collections for players to complete. There are some achievements that will reward players with Guild Wars 1 inspired titles as they complete a number of collections.

Fishing collection reward titles

  • Kind of a Big Reel – Complete five fishing collections
  • Fishmongers Know Me – Complete 10 fishing collections
  • Im Very Buoyant – Complete 15 fishing collections
  • I have many Lure-Bound Hooks – Complete 20 fishing collections
  • My Guild Hall Smells of Fish Progeny – Complete 25 fishing collections
  • Cod Swimming Amongst Mere Minnows – Complete 30 fishing collections

Some collections are based on specific areas in Tyria, while others can be caught in various places around all of Tyria. Below is every fishing collection, separated by location. Avid collections are unlocked after the completion of the first collection of the same name.

All over the world

  • World Class Fisher
  • Avid World Class Fisher
  • Salt Water Fisher
  • Avid Salt Water Fisher
  • Oceanic Trash
  • Oceanic Treasure

Core Tyria

  • Shiverpeaks Fisher (Shiverpeaks Mountains)
  • Avid Shiverpeaks Fisher
  • Ascalonian Fisher
  • Avid Ascalonian Fisher
  • Krytan Fisher
  • Avid Krytan Fisher
  • Ring of Fire Fisher (Ember Bay)
  • Avid Ring of Fire Fisher
  • Orrian Fisher (Draconis Mons and Ember Bay)
  • Avid Orrian Fisher


  • Maguuma Fisher
  • Avid Maguuma Fisher


  • Desert Fisher (Elon River, Crystal Desert, and Elonian mainland)
  • Avid Desert Fisher
  • Desert Isles Fisher
  • Avid Desert Isles Fisher


  • Seitung Province Fisher
  • Avid Seitung Province Fisher
  • Kaineng Fisher
  • Avid Kaineng Fisher
  • Echovald Wilds Fisher
  • Avid Echovald Wilds Fisher
  • Dragon’s End Fisher
  • Avid Dragon’s End Fisher

To aid players in finding where the fish might be, the collections offer some clues. The hint offers a clue as to what locations players can find the fish. There’s also an indication of where in the water the fish can be found, such as if it’s a shore fish or an offshore fish. Some fish may like specific bait, and some only appear at certain times of the day. This information can all be found by hovering over the fish in the collections screen.

All of the collections except for the ones that reward titles offer up six Chunks of Ancient Ambergris, which is one of the new crafting materials introduced in End of Dragons.