How many characters can you have per server in New World?

One will have to do for now.

Image via Amazon Games

When you first log into New World, players will get a glimpse of all the realms hidden inside the game. These servers will be the home to your character and picking one can prove itself to be a difficult task. Most players will often opt in for the players with higher populations since more players will mean more competition.

If you’re looking to play with a large group of friends, choosing a server that has a medium population can be a better choice so you can have better access to resources. If you’re moving to New World from another MMO, you may already be making plans to create a couple of characters in a new server, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be the case in New World.

While this may change in the future, the developers have stated players can only have one character in each server.

If you were looking to have multiple characters to try out different builds or try out different strategies as you level up, you’ll need to create your characters in other servers. While the reasoning behind why this is the case in New World is unclear, it may have something to do with balancing the presence of each player on the server. In other popular MMOs, most players have multiple characters in a single server, allowing them to dominate the marketplace.

From a technical standpoint, you can still create a second character on your server, but you’ll need to purchase New World on a new Steam account, which may make the process not worth it.