How do you create and customize an Adventurer’s Plate in Final Fantasy XIV?

Alright, we'll need to run your Plate through the system.

Screengrab via Square Enix

The latest Final Fantasy XIV patch added a new way for players to present themselves in the game. The Adventurer’s Plate allows players to showcase their current jobs, class, and even their hobbies.

If you’re looking to start customizing your own plate, you’ll need to:

  • Load into your character
  • Open your Character menu by pressing “C”
  • Choose Adventurer’s Plate

From then on, you can let your creativity go wild. By progressing through the game, players will unlock more elements to personalize their Adventurer’s Plate, meaning you’ll have more to include as you continue to play.

Once you’re done with your Adventurer’s Plate, you can save it, and other players will be able to check it out before interacting with your character. Not only is this a decent way to add a little soul to your character in Final Fantasy XIV, but it can also help you identify players.

If you’d like to make further changes to your plate, you’ll need to follow the above instructions again. It may be a decent idea to stick with a certain layout to make your character more known, however. Players who know you will also become familiar with your Adventurer’s Plate, and making frequent changes can be confusing.