Guild Wars 2 confirms another expansion is coming

Guild Wars 2's lore book won't close just yet.

Guld Wars 2 End of Dragons
Image via ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons launched less than a month ago and served as a closer for the Elder Dragon cycle, closing a lot of loose ends and giving players a nice tidy ending to a story that started almost 10 years ago.

Although there was a closing for the Elder Dragon saga, the Guild Wars 2 developers aren’t done with the game and have confirmed that there will be at least one more expansion pack added before completing the Guild Wars 2 lore book, and maybe even more after that.

“We mean it when we say that we’re focused on the long-term,” the Guild Wars 2 team said in a blog post. This is the earliest the team has ever confirmed another expansion is in the works, but fans should not expect any news on it anytime soon. In fact, the team is still polishing content from the End of Dragons expansion.

More Living Season stories are set to come after End of Dragons polishing is done. The next story update will continue the Canthan storyline and will include a new map set in that region. Although there is no indication as to which storyline they’ll follow for the Living Seasons, there may be some clues to the possible next steps in the credits scene at the end of End of Dragons.

The development team has also said it plans on giving players more frequent updates about what is going on for the future of the game by publishing regular “State of the Game” blog posts. There was no indication in the press release how frequent those updates will be.

The blog post also gave players updates about several other areas of the game, including profession balance, World vs. World, a spring roadmap, and more.