What Ghost Ships are and where to find them in Lost Ark

Not a good time to feel seasick.

When players kick off their Lost Ark journey, they’ll be more focused on clearing the early-game content and story. The quests will increase players’ power level for a decent while and allow them to keep up with the rest of the monsters that’ll become more powerful toward the later stages of the game.

Later in their playthrough, though, players will need to try out alternative methods to increase their gear score. Completing Dungeons or attempting to complete Ghost Ships will be the primary way of unlocking more advanced items.

What are Ghost Ships in Lost Ark?

Ghost Ships are technically raids in Lost Ark. Their rewards reset every week, giving players enough time to clear them out before each reset to earn upgrade materials and new gear.

Players can clear Ghost Ships whenever they encounter these activities, but the rewards will only be available for the first completion. Compared to dungeons, Ghost Ships are relatively harder to finish and may even take more time depending on your gear score and even your company.

To start encountering Ghost Ships, players will need to reach gear score 460 and complete the A New Voyage and Wall of Procyon quests. Completing these quests will level up players’ ships and unlock Rohendel.

Where to find Ghost Ships in Lost Ark?

Finding Ghost Ships is easier than clearing them since they can easily be spotted on the map while you’re sailing. Ghost Ship icons mostly show up on the west side of the map, but they may not always spawn. This means that even if you sail to the exact location where you last encountered a Ghost Ship, it may not be there. The easiest way to keep track of Ghost Ships is through the calendar on the left side of your menu, which will tell you when they appear.

All the Ghost Ship types in Lost Ark

Screengrab via Smilegate

There are three different Ghost Ship types in Lost Ark. Each ship features more formidable enemies, meaning players will need to increase their gear score to take on more advanced Ghost Ships.

Ghost Ship nameGear score requirement
Nightmare Ghost Ship460
Shadow Ghost Ship960
Tempest Ghost Ship1,370

How to beat Ghost Ships in Lost Ark?

Before boarding a Ghost Ship, we recommend coordinating with other players by looking for groups willing to undertake that task through the in-game chat channels. Though the game will place players together even if they’re not in a group, having enough characters to clear out a Ghost Ship is essential. Don’t forget to bring Feathers of Resurrection since that’s the main way of getting back to the fight if you’re downed.

When players board a Ghost Ship, they’ll start racing against time. To claim the rewards, players will need to complete the Ghost Ship before the timer runs out. Finishing a Ghost Ship involves killing several waves of enemies and a tough boss, so prepare accordingly.

While you can check out guides explaining how to clear a Ghost Ship with a specific class, your performance will also depend on your gear score. Increasing your item level will be the ultimate key to reducing the time it takes for you to beat Ghost Ships.