Fishing in Lost Ark: How to find a pole, catch fish, and use skills

There's a reason they call it fishing and not catching.

Fishing in Lost Ark
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With frequent demon invasions and limitless forests filled with monsters to clear, sometimes your Lost Ark character just needs a little break. When you need a break from the MMO’s combat grind, there’s no better solution than picking up a pole and heading to the fishing hole.

Fishing can yield fish, pearls, and other desirable materials under the surface. However, you’ll have to progress a bit far into the story and also know where to look.

How to get a pole and unlock fishing in Lost Ark

Players can start their fishing exploits after reaching Lakebar Village, which they can do after a few hours playing through the campaign. In Lakebar, you’ll learn all about the other trade skills before talking to Celine by the pond.

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Celine will send you to the town merchant Nickel, from whom you buy your first fishing pole. He’ll send you to the docks to fish for the first time. Click B to switch to the trade skill bar quickslot, then hit E while facing Lost Ark’s fish-filled waters to cast your line. Hit E again when it is fully submerged to catch your fish.

Where can I fish in Lost Ark?

Unfortunately, you can’t just fish anywhere in Lost Ark–you have to do so at fishing spots. These spots are surprisingly sparse; even a pier looking over water that’s filled with fish, next to a fisherman who’s caught a ton of fish, just a short walk from the fishing village somehow isn’t a fishing spot.

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You can look at your map’s trade skill key at the top, and it will show you what trade skills you can use in the specific area. A fishhook symbol indicates the presence of fishing spots.

Here are some areas with fishing spots:

  • Wavestrand Port
  • Lakebar

Fishing skills

Catching fish will increase your skill level. At certain levels, you will unlock new abilities and perks.

  • At levels four, five, and six, your mastery skills will improve. This will slightly increase your golden fish chances, improve fishing pole durability, and increase fishing speed.
  • At level 10 you can use the Throw Bait skill, giving you a buff that increases the chance of catching golden fish.
  • At level 20 you unlock Barrel Fishing, allowing you to place a barrel trap at a fishing spot that catches fish over time.
  • At level 30 you unlock Net Casting, letting you throw a net to catch multiple fish at once. Can only be used when five stacks of the Off The Hook buff is active, which are earned from normal fishing.