Final Fantasy XIV European servers reportedly offline, all others encountering technical difficulties

"The lobby server connection has encountered an error."

Image via Square Enix

Many Final Fantasy XIV players from Europe have been kicked out of the game today. All servers from the region are reportedly experiencing technical difficulties.

Players who were in the game when the issue first started popping up were sent back to the menu and were greeted by a message that said “the lobby server connection has encountered an error” while trying to reconnecting.

Screengrab via XIVup

The issue came up around 11:30am CT and has reportedly worsened afterward. All worlds have been reported as encountering other issues on the XIVup website as of 10 minutes later.

After the European servers were indicated as offline, the North American and Japan servers were listed as partially online, with “packet loss issues” and some unable to connect.

Square Enix is no stranger to server issues from the European region. The game gained a surge of players due to its growing popularity and the boost of fans acquired thanks to Asmongold and other famous MMO streamers who started playing the game over the last few months.

The large influx of players forced Square Enix to implement an AFK timer to shorten the waiting files and the servers experienced some downtime during busy hours. The developer also promised to add more worlds in the future to meet the high demand, but it’s still unclear when this will be implemented.

This article will be updated if more information about the server issues becomes available.

Update on Oct.7 at 12:50 CT: The servers have gone back online again, with extended waiting times. The developer hasn’t disclosed details about the technical issues.