Final Fantasy 14 players create a ‘human barricade’ to block entry to an infamous server

Balmung natives want to have their cake and eat it too, apparently.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV devs released their Patch 6.18 earlier this week, which players were eagerly waiting for. The patch contained the enabling of the Data Centre Travel that would finally let players travel to visit other worlds, mingling with the players from a different server and letting everybody breathe a breath of fresh air.

This has not been the most pleasing news to every player residing in the world of Hydaelyn, however. There is a particular world that has been seeing a greater influx of players making their stops at their server, called Balmung, especially due to the peculiar nature of the server.

The infamous Balmung server has made its name as being the hub for ERP (Erotic Roleplaying) among Final Fantasy 14 servers. Due to the abundance of the risqué roleplaying clubs present throughout Balmung, players from every corner of the FFXIV world have been drawn to the server to get their piece of the proverbial pie.

This has led to a hilarious response from the inhabitants of the Balmung server. The native players did not enjoy all of the flighty tourists making their way into their home, leading them to create a ‘human wall’ made of players that is successfully denying entry to all of the players trying to enter Balmung.

The server has also recently come under fire from the community since players from Balmung created real-life billboards which advertised an in-game party, while also featuring modding tools that went against the game’s terms of service, and copyrighted material as well.