Everything we know about Endwalker’s deep dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV

It will be the third one after Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV‘s upcoming expansion Endwalker has brought everything the fans could dream of, from a thrilling story to high-end duties and new housing. But some hardcore players have wondered if they could also expect to see a new deep dungeon, since the last one was released alongside Stormblood, meaning Shadowbringers didn’t include one.

Fortunately, the developer has revealed it would release a new deep dungeon with Endwalker.

The deep dungeons are unique instances where the players have a separate level and have an old-school dungeon experience with roguelite elements. They’re ever-changing, with different maps, random mobs, dangerous traps, and valuable chests.

On top of offering a refreshing gameplay experience, the deep dungeons in FF XIV offer unique rewards such as glamours, minions, and other items, as well as achievements. They’re also a good option for fast leveling since the players gain XP in the dungeons even though their level is reset inside them.

Although it’s easy to pick up, climbing the last rooms can be challenging and one death will make the whole party fail, which makes it also content that suits aware players who want to be challenged.

Here is everything we know about it.

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Everything we know about Endwalker‘s deep dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV

In an interview with producer and game director Naoki Yoshida in October, the YouTuber SlyAKAgreyfox asked if there were plans to add a deep dungeon in Endwalker, similar to Heaven on High and the Palace of the Dead.

Square Enix revealed in February that it would be introduced in Patch 6.3, which might be released next Summer. More information will likely be shared on that aspect following the release of other major patches before this one.

The staff was surprised to see so many demands from the player base to get a deep dungeon in each expansion when they reacted to the lack of it in Shadowbringers, according to Yoshida. That’s why Square Enix plans to add one more during the upcoming expansion.

“We do pay attention on what’s being said by our community, but we didn’t expect this many people wanting to have this deep dungeon content to come back,” he said.

There still is much mystery that shrouds the next deep dungeon. It’s unclear what kind of content it will offer, and whether it will follow the same system as the previous ones or if Square Enix will bring a twist to it.