Does New World have controller support?

You'll need to use your imagination.

Image via Amazon Games

The wait is finally over for New World. After months of beta testing and a couple of delays, the game’s final build is finally here.

While some players already had a decent idea of what they’d need to do after creating their character for the first time since they were experienced from the beta, there were also players who needed a New World starter guide to set their character onto the right course.

New World welcomes the players with a nice tutorial that is quite explanatory, but if you have a different taste when it comes to controls, you may get bored while going through all your keyboard and mouse hotkeys. Though using a keyboard and mouse will allow players to use more spells more quickly, the comfort of playing a controller can be unmatched for veteran console players.

New World doesn’t officially support controllers, but according to the game developers, all the inputs in New World are re-bindable, and players will be able to create their own controller layouts. This means that once you connect a controller to your PC, you’ll be able to change your hotkeys and assign all of them to your controller. Your controller experience will be far away from being optimized, however, and players may run into situations where they forget to bind an action to their controller only to realize it during an important moment.

Players who are still interested in continuing their New World journey with a controller can navigate to the game’s settings. Locate the Key Bindings section. Once you’re inside the Key Bindings part of your settings, you’ll be able to reassign them to your controller one by one. If you happen to don’t like playing with a controller, you can always revert back to the default settings and switch back to your mouse and keyboard.

New World fans who’d like to give their best shot at playing New World with a controller can have an easier time by using one of the best PC gaming controllers. In addition to the usual controller layout, these controllers also feature extra buttons to allows gamers to bind more buttons.