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Does Ashes of Creation have an Open World?

The game has an extremely ambitious environment.

Ashes of Creation is one of the most anticipated MMO titles in development. The title endeavors to push the boundaries of what a player can do in the MMO environment by having each player’s actions directly influence the world on their server.

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The Intrepid Studios production has been in the works since 2016, with the game finally set to enter its Alpha One testing phase later this month. Despite the long development and extensive testing, not a lot has been shown off gameplay-wise, given the limited pool of players who have had the opportunity to experience it for themselves.

Without much footage for fans to check out, there have been some questions of what features the game will include upon its launch.

Will Ashes of Creation be open world?

Like most MMOs, Ashes of Creation will be set in an extensive open-world setting, and the team plans for this to function seamlessly from zone to zone with little to no loading screens.

Players will have the opportunity to see the open-world gameplay later this month when the game hits its NDA-lifted Alpha One on July 14. Unfortunately, for most people eager to check out the game for themselves, this won’t be the time to do so as only limited players will be invited into the month-long testing window.

If you’re adamant about securing a position in Alpha One you can purchase the Adventurer Pre-Order package from the Ashes of Creation website, but this will cost you. Along with the entry into Alpha One, players who pre-order this bundle will get plenty of other bonuses, including in-game items and 11 months of game time when the title fully launches in the future.

With its focus on sieges and battles, players will be encouraged to engage in the open-world PVP for a number of reasons, such as securing the scarce resources within the game. Over the next month, we’ll get a much better look at how the open-world aspects of the game function through the duration of Alpha One.

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