Difficulty of several Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons to be lowered in Lost Ark

It will be implemented in the next weekly maintenance.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark are going to have their difficulty lowered on March 3, Amazon Games revealed last night on the game’s official forum.

The fights concerned by the changes to come only belong in the Tier One and Tier Two categories, which are the fights to complete daily or weekly to get the materials needed to enhance the gear and reach Tier Three, the highest available in the game right now.

“We’ve seen a lot of feedback around specific raids and dungeons that have left players feeling like they are more tedious than fun,” it wrote. “We’ll be adjusting [their] difficulty to make things a bit easier.”

The Guardian Raids that will be nerfed are Vertus from level one, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho and Tytalos from level two, Achates from level three, and Alberhastic from level four. As for the Abyssal Dungeons, it’s Necromancer’s Origin, Hall of the twisted Warlord and Hilderbrandt Palace (both dungeons from the Phantom Palace), and Sea of Indolence.

The success rate for those instances is “less than ten percent,” according to the community manager Roxx. That’s why the developer decided to adjust them.

Since the players are required to complete two Guardian Raids per character per day and all Abyssal Dungeons weekly to get the most materials possible to enhance their gear, those nerfs would have the advantage of shortening the time required to complete all those and progress through the game faster.

This statement has stirred controversy, as some players like how hard those instances are. But it’s still unclear what those changes will entail specifically, although the developer will give more information when releasing the maintenance notes. The maintenance is scheduled for next Thursday, March 3.