Best Gunslinger Builds in Lost Ark

Destroy your enemies from afar.

Image via Smilegate

The Gunner is among the classes of Lost Ark that offer the most specializations, which can be confusing at first. The Gunslinger is the advanced class that uses several weapons, depending on the situation. They can decimate enemies from afar and at a close distance.

The Gunslinger isn’t the most popular class, but it’s fun to play and it’s strong in combat. They have to be careful about their positioning at all times since they’re more squishy than melee DPS classes.

When mastered, however, they pack a punch. The build you can go for will heavily focus on DPS and crits, so you can adapt your engraving for those stats. Here are the best builds for the Gunslinger in Lost Ark.

Best Gunslinger Builds

PvE Build

SkillSkill LevelTripod ITripod IITripod III
Bullet Rain10/10Vital Point ShotRapid FireQuick Preparation
Dexterous Shot4/10Weakness Exposure
Dual Buckshot10/10In a Tight SpotEnhanced FireFinal Strike
Equilibrium10/10Weakness ExposureEnemy RaidVital Point Shot
Focused Shot10/10Quick AimDouble TapFinal Strike
Last Request4/10Quick Preparation
Peacekeeper4/10Excellent MobilityNote BrandShining Protection
Perfect Shot10/10Stable StanceKill ConfirmationEnhanced Shot

PvP Build

SkillSkill LevelTripod ITripod IITripod III
Spiraling Chaser4/10Exposed Vital
AT02 Grenade7/10Throwing RangeFrost Grenade
Trial Lunge7/10Outstanding MobilitySteady Posture
Pulverize10/10Quick MovementEvadeSuper Armor
Deathfire10/10Steady PostureFireworksInvade & Conquer
The Last Supper10/10Quick PreparationExecutionRapid Shot
Dead Zone4/10Shooting Range
Great Disaster10/10Steady PostureSurvival of the FinestHexashot

Those builds aren’t meant to be strictly followed. Lost Ark offers a lot of flexibility in terms of build, due to the skills levels and effects that can be changed whenever you want.

It’ll be best, for example, to boost skills you will be using more because you naturally like their effects of playstyle. If you can’t get used to some skills that are up to level 10, you can switch. The same can be said of the effects. Overall, the most important thing to be aware of is to be consistent in the aspect you want to boost on your character.