All Races in Ashes of Creation

When the game launches there will be plenty of variety.

Screengrab via Intrepid Studios

When it comes to options, Ashes of Creation gives you plenty. From its open world, massive range of classes, and variety of items, there is plenty to choose form when playing this MMO from Intrepid Studios.

While it may not be released to the public, Ashes of Creation is currently in its Alpha One phase which has given players a chance to check out what the game has to offer and its different player options.

One of the main options all players will need to select is their character’s race. Like other aspects of the game, there is plenty to choose from in Ashes of Creation, and here’s what you need to know about them all.

All Races in Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation currently has nine-race options, split between five parent races. During Alpha One, only four races were available to try out, these being both human races, the Empyrean race of Elves, and the Dwarven race Dunir.

If you’re looking for a more complete list, here is what the developers have planned right now for the game’s full release.

Aela Humans

There are two races of humans in Ashes of Creation, the Kaelar and the Vaelune. While both appear human, the Kaelar have a European influence while the Vaelune’s inspiration comes from the Middle East.

Pyrian Elves

The Pyrian Elves are split into two races. These are the Empyrean and the Py’Rai. While all Elves have their unique facial features, most notably their pointy ears, the Empyrean have a Greco-Roman-inspired look to them, while the Py’Rai origins appear rooted in Navajo Native American culture.

Kaivek Orcs

The Orcs within Ashes of Creation are split into either the Ren’Kai or the Vek. The Vek are stargazers with their race focused on astrology. Due to this, their appearance is quite slender in comparison to their close Orc relative. The Ren’Kai have a completely different build, being one of the larger and stockier races in the game.

Dunzenkell Dwarves

The Dwarves are the smallest of all races within the game. There are two races available within the Dwarven family, the Dunir and the Nikua. The Dunir are your traditional-looking dwarves, stocky in build with impressive facial hair, which the Nikua lacks. The Dunir stick to the mountainside, while the Nikua much prefers setting up camp near the sea.


Image via Intrepid Studios

The Tulnar will likely be the most unique race in the game when it launches in the future. The plan is for this legion of warriors who fled to the Underrealm to be customizable for each player. This means that their appearance can be adjusted to include aspects of other races.