All New World error codes and known issues: explanations and fixes

Here's everything you need to know about error codes and known issues in New World.

Image via Amazon Games

New World, Amazon’s new open-world MMO, has had an incredible launch. The hotly anticipated game has brought in millions of players in its opening week, a feat that’s almost unheard of in the genre.

But despite the popularity of the game, it hasn’t been without its issues. Hundreds of thousands of players have been left waiting in lengthy server queues, while others have encountered error codes and game-breaking issues.

Here’s the full list of New World error codes and known issues, and how to fix them.

Error codes and known issues

Unable to hear ambient music on beachesShut down the game
Verify game files on Steam
Restart the game
Reset settings back to default
@mm_loginservices_TooManyRequestsException error When the error pops up, click OK, then after a few minutes you should get back in the queue at the previous position
Pressing ‘E’ does not interact with the environmentClose the game.
Delete the “savedata” folder in %appdata%/AGS/New World/ (copy that string in File Explorer)
TooManyRequestsExceptionClick OK and wait for several minutes
No product information foundUpdate computer to Windows 10. Link your Amazon and Steam accounts.
Black screen errorWait for several minutes or reset the game
Stuck in queue errorCheck New World’s server status and wait for the servers to come back up again
Lag detected errorOpen your Steam library
Right-click on New World and select “Properties”
Navigate down to Local Files
Select “Verify integrity of game files”
Invalid platform errorClose the Steam application and relaunch it
Run the Steam client as an administrator
Change the game’s download location
Clear your Steam download cache
Repair your Steam client’s library folder
Timed out while waiting for spawn point errorWait for the issue to be solved. Reset the game