All Mokoko Seed locations in Prideholme in Lost Ark

Those are the first collectibles you'll find in the game.

Image via Smilegate

South Korean MMO Lost Ark has finally come to the West, bringing a ton of content to discover. The title offers unique elements, but also maintains numerous traditional features from the MMO genre.

Lost Ark offers hundreds of collectibles throughout its areas, and the Mokoko Seeds are the first ones you’ll come across in the game. There are several of them to collect in the game, and odds are you’ll start collecting them in Prideholme.

There are nine Mokoko seeds to collect in the city, and not all of them are easy to find. When discovering them, you’ll gain a slight amount of XP and will progress on your achievements.

Here is the location of all Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme, the starting city of Lost Ark.

All Mokoko Seeds locations in Prideholme

Screengrab via Smilegate

To help you visualize each of their locations, here are the screengrabs of their exact position in the environment.

If you’re still confused about the two Mokoko Seeds located on the West side of the Cathedral, it’s because they’re in a hidden room. To unveil it, to go the wall on the left of Father Varut. You can run in the dark and go through a specific part of the wall to find it.