All Mokoko Seed locations on Wisdom Isle in Lost Ark

You'll have to uncover some secret locations to find this island's Mokokos.

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Wisdom Isle is one of Lost Ark’s smaller islands, but there are still plenty of reasons to travel there. Collectors will want to find the four Mokoko Seeds that the island has to offer. Here’s where you’ll find Wisdom Isle’s Mokoko Seeds.

Wisdom Isle is a narrow, relatively straightforward island found off the southeast corner of Luterra.  To get to Wisdom Isle, fast travel to Wavestrand Port in East Luterra by way of an Ocean Liner or Triport. Once there, sail south to Wisdom Isle. The island will be located one box down from Wavestrand Port on your world map. 

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Once on Wisdom Isle, travel along its central path until finding the location where the road splits into three separate directions. If you’re looking to complete the available quests on Wisdom Isle, head straight past the stone statues and into the cavernous library at the far end of the map. If you’re here for the Mokokos, though, you’ll be making a quick detour first. 

To find Wisdom Isle’s Mokoko Seeds, head to either the left or the right when facing the junction in the island’s central path. You’ll need to travel along both sides of the fork in the road to reach the Mokokos, so don’t worry about which side you head down first. 

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If you go to the right first, you’ll have to pass under some trees and over a stone bridge before revealing a secret, unmarked entrance to the island’s library. Head inside and search under the room’s tables, as the Mokoko Seeds in this area will be hard to initially see without doing a little digging. 

After finding the two seeds in the room on the right, head back outside to the center of the island and take the left path this time. After traveling into another secluded area, continue down the trail, ignoring the cliff the game gives you a prompt to jump onto. Instead, you must enter another secret doorway into the library and search under a few more tables and chairs to find this room’s Mokoko Seeds. 

Once you’ve collected two seeds from each secret room, you’ll have collected all of the available Mokokos on Wisdom Isle.