All Mokoko Seed locations on Golden Wave Island in Lost Ark

You'll spend more time breaking down barriers than hunting down seeds.

Image via Smilegate

Golden Wave Island is one of the smaller islands in Lost Ark, with not much to do outside of collecting Shipwreck Scrap for the T-82 robot found in the center of the island. Still, once you’ve completed the quests that are present and exhausted the island for its materials, there are a few Mokoko Seeds to add to your collection on Golden Wave Island. 

Golden Wave Island is located off the coast of Arthenine, just south of the Arid Path; it’s one of the first islands you’ll encounter off the shores of Arthenine, and it should be relatively easy to reach. 

Screengrab via Smilegate

Once you’ve traveled south and reached the island, you’ll want to start moving north to find the Mokoko Seeds that it has to offer. To find the two Mokoko Seeds on Golden Wave Island, head to the northeast corner of the area, following the main path up towards the corner of the map. 

Upon reaching the border of the map, you’ll run into a destructible blockade of boxes and wood. Unload as many abilities as you can onto the blockade, as it will take a decent amount of firepower to break it down and reveal the secret area behind it. 

Screengrab via Smilegate

Once the blockade hiding Golden Wave Island’s secret area has been destroyed, advance into the cave and keep going until you reach the back. Along the back walls of the cave, you’ll see the island’s two Mokoko Seeds waiting for you. If you have other business to attend to on the island, you’ll have to break down the stalwart barrier separating the cave from the rest of the map again.