All Mokoko Seed locations in the Flowering Orchard in Lost Ark

It's a long, but easy process.

Lost Ark has finally released in the West, and it already offers over a hundred of maps to discover. In addition to several continents to discover, the players can navigate the oceans and discover islands.

On most of those areas, there will be numerous Mokoko seeds scattered that you’ll be able to collect to earn various rewards. There are over a thousand of seeds in the game, and the rewards can be received by speaking to an NPC in the Mokoko Village.

The Flowering Orchard is an area you’ll discover before being able to navigate the oceans. It has 10 Mokoko seeds to collect, and here are their locations.

All Mokoko Seed locations in the Flowering Orchard

Screengrab via Smilegate | Remix Eva Martinello

Although the high number of seeds to collect is intimidating, other than long traveling, you won’t struggle much to find them.

None of them are hidden behind secret passages, but some can be located in areas full of enemies you’ll have to eliminate before collecting them.