All Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark’s Rothun

Many are locked behind some features.

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By the time Lost Ark players reach the Rohendel continent, they will know the drill: if they want the Mokoko collectible rewards, they must look for those in every map they discover.

And while it was possible to get most of the Mokoko seeds on your first run in Luterra and other regions, it won’t be the case starting this continent. Many seeds are hidden behind features you won’t be able to unlock as soon as you set foot in Rohendel, and the Rothun map’s seeds are no exception.

Ten Mokoko seeds are hidden in Rothun, and here are their locations.

Mokoko Seed locations in Rothun

Screengrab via Smilegate | Remix by Eva Martinello

When you first head to Rothun, there will only be five Mokoko seeds that can be accessed easily.

There is one Mokoko seed per level in the Sunkeep. The first one you’ll see is hidden under the stairs, on the right side. When you go one floor up, you’ll find the second one on the left side of the NPC, at the feet of a statue. The third one will be in the third level, under the entry.

The Dawnkeep features two Mokoko seeds. The first one is hidden in the tube on the right of the orb at the center of the area, but you’ll need 250 points of Wisdom to unlock it.

The second one is up the stairs, at the feet of the ladder. But you’ll need to play the Song of Eternity to reveal it. To earn the song, you need to unlock 60 percent of the Rohendel’s Adventurer’s Tome, so you won’t be able to get it before completing the region’s main story quests.

The seed hidden on top of the Empyrean Plaza landmark also requires the song to be found. Play the song at the feet of the ancient tree and the seed will be accessed under the strains. A friend can also play the song for you.

The Mokoko seed located on top of the Garden of Elementals landmark requires the Sweet Honey Butter Beer to be accessed. When unlocked, you’ll be able to open the secret passage right on the left of the Vista by randomly clicking on the trees.

Here are the screengrabs of the Mokoko seeds you’ll be able to find on your first run in Rothun.