All Mokoko Seed locations in Blackrose Chapel in Lost Ark

Some are hard to collect.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark is an MMO game that offers many ways for the players to get rewarded between sailing, high-level gear, or collectibles. The collectibles are among the longest grinds the game features, and the main items in this category are Mokoko Seeds.

There are over a thousand of them to collect, and they are scattered everywhere around Arkesia. You might come across them in all sorts of content, whether it’s dungeons, questing, or islands.

Blackrose Chapel is a map from East Luterra, and it’ll take you some time to collect all the seeds there since there are 13 of them. There aren’t many maps with that many seeds in the game.

To help you save time, here are the locations of all Mokoko seeds in the Blackrose Chapel.

All Mokoko Seed locations in Blackrose Chapel

Screengrab via Smilegate | Remix by Eva Martinello

Several of those Mokoko seeds are hidden behind secret passages. The two seeds below the Church Graveyard are inside a house. To enter, simply pass the door, even though it doesn’t seem to be designed to be opened.

The seeds on the West of the map are hidden behind a secret passage that you can easily spot when looking for it. Go to the location where the red line is and you’ll spot a burnt house. Enter it and you’ll naturally enter the secret path. The three Mokoko seeds are in it and they’re pretty far away from each other, so you’ll have to do a bit of exploration to get them.

The seed on the North part of the map will lead you to a Vista as well, so keep an eye out when collecting it.