All Mokoko Seed locations in Bilbrin Forest in Lost Ark

You'll get them in no time.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Open your map, summon your mount and be prepared to travel through the lands of Lost Ark‘s Arkesia. Exploration is one of the main focuses of the MMO. It will encourage you to discover the secrets of every area you’ll wander in, and often backtrack to unlock hidden paths or items you couldn’t get before.

Mokoko Seeds are one of the longest grinds in Lost Ark. These collectibles are scattered all over the maps of the game, with over a thousand to earn in total. Earning specific amounts of them will offer various rewards and slight amounts of Roster XP.

Here are the locations of the Mokoko Seeds in Bilbrin Forest.

All Mokoko Seed locations in Bilbrin Forest

Screengrab via Smilegate

This area shouldn’t cause you any trouble outside of some monsters to eliminate before interacting with the Mokoko Seeds. None of the collectibles are hidden behind a secret path or the environment in the Bilbrin Forest, so it’ll be a straightforward process.

While you’re at it, keep an eye on the chat to transfer to the right channel and eliminate the world boss Rovlen if you see people announcing they have spotted it on the map. It’ll give you decent rewards.