All Mokoko Seed locations in Aquilok’s Tail dungeon in Lost Ark

You can find Mokoko Seeds even in dungeons.

Image via Smilegate

If you intend to complete everything Lost Ark has to offer, and not only the main story and level 50 quests, gathering all Mokoko Seeds is one of the goals that will certainly require the most time on your part.

These collectibles are scattered in numerous maps and even in dungeons, giving players plenty to look for across all areas. In dungeons, you can follow the path to complete objectives and reach the final boss, but these areas can also have secrets. Players can scavenge resources and discover secret paths that will lead to more collectibles and occasionally monsters that can only be found there.

Aquilok’s Tail is one of those dungeons with extra objectives. Aquilok’s Tail has six Mokoko Seeds to find, as well as one monster you can eliminate to progress through your Adventurer’s Tome. Here are the location of the Seeds.

All Mokoko Seeds location in the Aquilok’s Tail dungeon

Screengrab via Smilegate

You’ll have to do a bit of exploring to find all the Mokoko seeds in the Aquilok’s Tail dungeon, but they won’t be much of a challenge. While two seeds will be found along your path in the dungeon, the four others are hidden behind secret paths.

To reach those paths, just run near the walls looking for a way in and run to their end to find the missing Mokoko Seeds.