All Expeditions in New World

These Expeditions have a tale of their own.

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Like most MMORPGs, you’re likely to lose yourself in everything that the environment has to offer in New World. While endgame scenarios usually rely on gathering for raids or other events that require more than a handful of players, it’s also possible to find less crowded activities in New World.

Expeditions are New World’s take on dungeons. You’ll need a total of five players to start an Expedition. Each adventure will focus on testing each player’s skill and teamwork capabilities. Expeditions may look like a lot of work if you’re just beginning to play, but the loot rewards will make them more than worth it.

In addition to loot and experience rewards, all Expeditions will also have a place in New World’s narrative. As players progress through the Expeditions, they’ll learn more about the game’s lore and the major events that have taken place to build up the core story.

There are only two Expeditions in New World now, but this number should increase in the future after the game’s release.

Amrine Excavation

Amrine Excavation is a find and rescue mission. Players will be tasked with seeking out an archaeologist named Simon Grey and his team in a dig site to the west of Amrine. Progressing through the Expeditions will reveal more about the archaeologists’ mission, and players will also find out what went wrong during their mission.

To access Amrine Excavation, you’ll need to hit level 25 first.

The Garden of Genesis

Compared to the first Expedition, The Garden of Genesis will be more action-packed since it can be considered an invasion. Players will be helping out Survivalist Ellwood who discovered a garden where Angry Earth were born.

You’ll need to work together with your team to send this garden to oblivion. The Garden of Genesis is also a part of the game’s initial storyline’s ending, and players will need to reach level 60 to be eligible to participate in this Expedition.

As the story of New World progresses and new content patches are introduced, the number of Expeditions in the game should also increase. This article will be updated as more Expeditions become available in New World.