Mojang Studios releases ‘One Block at a Time’ April Fools’ Day update for Minecraft

Enjoy the new update at your own risk.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft players can now enjoy the new “One Block at a Time” snapshot that adds exciting changes, like the ability to throw items and mobs, no inventory, and the removal of experience and enchanting. 

Today is April 1, better known as April Fools’ Day, where plenty of game developers post fake updates or announcements in jest. Mojang participated in the yearly day of deception, but the developers actually pushed out a new One Block at a Time snapshot for players to download. 

The official announcement lists all the changes in the new snapshot, which basically breaks Minecraft. Here are the official gameplay “features” for the latest update:

  • Fixed all inventory issues by removing the inventory
  • Made the whole world into a player inventory space
  • Up to 14 quintillion inventory slots
  • Also removed experience and enchanting, while we’re at it
  • Fixed MC-4 by having no items on the ground
  • Dropper drops. Droppier drops?
  • Improved chest excitement factor >:)
  • Added the ability to throw stuff. YEET!
  • Glass is 50% more realistic when thrown
  • Added wrestling moves as an alternative to leashes
  • Reworked combat because it’s haaaard to create a more immersive gameplay experience
  • Sneaky block? What sneaky block?

Some of these changes are self-explanatory, while others need to be experienced to fully understand their implications. The first thing players will notice when starting a new world in the snapshot is the lack of an inventory bar at the bottom of the screen. You also can’t open the inventory menu, meaning you can’t collect any items you destroy. 

Breaking an object in the snapshot doesn’t work normally, either. Your character will immediately grab any blocks you break, which can be thrown by right-clicking. This is a fun experience since you can throw almost any item a significant distance. 

You can also pick up and throw animals and mobs, which is one of the best changes in the latest update. You can grab multiple animals at once, making it easy to round them up. You can also throw the animals directly into the air, resulting in a fun albeit morbid experience. 

The items that animals drop function significantly differently in this version of Minecraft, too. You can’t put them in your inventory (because it doesn’t exist), and they fall on the ground as if they were placed in an item frame. Throwing a piece of raw meat kind of feels like throwing a boomerang, so try this at least once. 

Other features require a bit of exploration, like the “improved chest excitement factor.” We were unable to find a village in our new world, but maybe you can find a chest to figure out what this mysterious update means. 

Interested players can download the One Block at a Time snapshot in the Minecraft launcher. Make sure to run the snapshot in a different folder since it can corrupt your main worlds.