Minecraft’s latest Snapshot features new music, disc fragments, Allay improvements

Another day, another snapshot.

Screengrab via Mojang

The newest Minecraft snapshot, version 22W16A, brings new music, a new item to collect, and tweaks the Allay’s abilities.

While the features of this snapshot are mostly smaller ones, they are important for the future of Minecraft because they are building blocks for the upcoming Wild Update. Here is everything in the latest snapshot.

New music

Four new music tracks, Ancestry, Aerie, Firebugs, and Labyrinthine, have been added in this snapshot for the upcoming Wild Update. These tracks will play while players are in certain biomes and on the main menu.

Disc fragments

A new disc fragment feature was introduced in snapshot 22W16A. Disc fragments are a new item that can be found in ancient city chests; however, they are extremely rare.

Players who are lucky enough to collect nine disc fragments can then craft them into a new music disc. Music disc five was also introduced in this snapshot but is difficult to obtain because crafting it through obtaining nine fragments is the only way players can attain it.

Allay improvements

A few aspects of how Allay’s function in Minecraft were tweaked in this snapshot. The flying creatures’ health was raised from ten to 20. Allay’s delay after throwing an item was also lowered from five to three seconds so that they function more efficiently.

Allay’s now have an improved search range that was raised from nine to 32. The arc they throw items at has also been shifted in response to community feedback.

Lastly, Allay’s speed functionality has been changed. They will now move slower while just wandering around and move faster while actively collecting items, going to players, or going to a noteblock.

Screengrab via Mojang

A full list of the new features, changes, and bugs that have been fixed in snapshot 22W16A is available below, courtesy of Mojang.

New Features in 22W16A

  • Added new music
  • Added Disc Fragment 5 and Music Disc 5

Four new music tracks

  • The new music tracks are called Ancestry, Aerie, Firebugs, and Labyrinthine
  • They play in certain biomes and in the main menu

Music disc five

A new music disc has been added to the game.

  • Unlike other discs, it can only be obtained by finding and crafting 9 Disc Fragments together
  • These Disc Fragments can be found rarely in Ancient City chests

Changes in 22W16A

  • Allay tweaks
  • Improved the predictability of a number of gameplay elements
  • Frogs can now spawn on Grass, Mud, Moss Carpet, Mangrove Roots, and Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Froglights are now movable by pistons

Allay tweaks

  • Allay health raised from 10 to 20
  • Delay after item throw lowered from 5 secs to 3 secs
  • Item search range raised from 9 to 32
  • Movement speed changes:
    • Allay is now slower when just wandering
    • Allay is now faster when collecting items, going to the player, or going to a noteblock
  • Throw arc has changed following community feedback

Predictability of randomized events

Some randomized events are now more predictable and no longer have a possibility of extreme behaviors.

  • Placement and velocity of things dropped from Droppers/Dispensers
  • Placement and velocity of items spawned from containers upon destroy
  • Randomized follow_range component attribute for mobs
  • Velocity of Horses spawned from skeleton traps
  • Blaze random position and randomized speed of Blaze projectiles
  • Randomized portion of damage and velocity of Arrows
  • Randomized flight pattern of Fireworks
  • Bobbing patterns and time until a fish for Fishing Rods

Technical changes in 22W16A

  • LWJGL library has been updated to version 3.3.1
  • Added a heap memory allocation metric to the F3 debug screen
  • Added doWardenSpawning game rule
  • Updates to paintings


  • Paintings that are placeable in survival can now be controlled with the painting_variant/placeable tag
  • Added unused paintings from Bedrock edition (earth, wind, fire, water)
    • These paintings are not placeable by default but can be added through a datapack

Fixed bugs in 22W16A

  • MC-81870 – Editing entitydata of Painting does not reflect ingame until chunk reload
  • MC-111809 – Paintings unrender when entity data is updated rapidly
  • MC-187188 – Painting NBT and registry contain a typo: “Motive” instead of “Motif”
  • MC-226184 – Axolotls pathfinding to water can sometimes fall in wide holes
  • MC-228049 – Axolotl can’t pathfind through open doors
  • MC-228174 – Axolotls try to pathfind through 2 tall walls
  • MC-244957 – “Search” Option in Social Interactions Screen is not labeled in the right order when using Tab
  • MC-245001 – “Manage with Microsoft account” button in Social Interactions menu is not centered
  • MC-249084 – No sound is present for placing a Bucket of Tadpole
  • MC-249092 – Mangrove Stripped Log, Stripped Wood and Wood are in the incorrect order in the creative inventory
  • MC-249176 – Froglights are not visible on maps
  • MC-249193 – Frog can’t pathfind through open doors
  • MC-249217 – Fluid level next to froglights is too low
  • MC-249245 – Turtle can’t pathfind through open doors
  • MC-249246 – Strider can’t pathfind through open doors
  • MC-249265 – Some blocks cannot be placed on froglights
  • MC-249459 – Cactus is not destroyed by froglights
  • MC-249663 – The subtitles of some parrot imitation sounds are inconsistent with the original sounds’ subtitles
  • MC-249679 – Incorrect activation of warden’s sniffing animations and behavior
  • MC-249715 – Allays don’t drop their held items upon death
  • MC-249766 – Allays can despawn after being given an item if they haven’t picked up any items yet
  • MC-249790 – Allay follows and drops items for players in spectator mode
  • MC-249838 – Allays lose their idle animation once they start moving
  • MC-249855 – Parity Issue: Allays don’t have a flying animation in Java
  • MC-249912 – minecraft:ancient_city/city_center_3 is one block shorter compared than the other ancient city centers
  • MC-249928 – Mangrove tree roots do not update blocks around them when generating
  • MC-250039 – Wardens can get angry at mobs outside world border
  • MC-250040 – Wardens can hear mobs beyond the world border
  • MC-250041 – Wardens can spawn outside of world border
  • MC-250044 – Observers don’t detect mangrove roots when tree grows
  • MC-250094 – Wardens ignore /kill execution whilst they’re emerging or digging
  • MC-250095 – Wardens can spawn in very narrow places, causing them to suffocate
  • MC-250293 – The “allay_dust” particle is unused
  • MC-250294 – Parity Issue: Allays item detection range is significantly smaller than in Bedrock