Minecraft player makes flying minecarts using bees

It looks like something out of a platformer.

Image via Mojang

One Minecraft player learned it’s possible to place minecarts on the game’s bees and proceeded to make a minigame out of the whole experience.

A player discovered that by setting minecarts on top of bees, they will follow the bees as they move, creating flying minecarts that move somewhat randomly. After doing so, they had an idea for a minigame, which they showed off in a video on the Minecraft subreddit. They built a tall, hollow tower with a glass top and a door high up on the side of one of the walls. They then filled the structure with minecarts riding on bees, creating several ever-moving floating platforms.

From the ground, they hopped onto the closest minecart and jumped to several more, trying to make it up to the door without falling or touching the ground. After a few missteps and some patience, they made it up, finishing their new minigame.

Commenters were impressed with the idea.

“It reminded me of [the] scene in [the] first Harry Potter [movie] with flying keys,” one viewer said.

Many others added suggestions to make the minigame even harder. Assuming that minecarts can also be added to other mobs, one viewer recommended that Maxatel put them on top of bats, a mob that’s known for its quick, erratic movements. Others recommended adding chickens, allays, and vexes, just to spice things up a little and make the player think about their movement.

Thanks to Maxatel’s ingenuity, it’s likely we’ll see plenty of minecart-riding minigames pop up in the near future.