Minecraft player creates intricate wood farm with redstone

Now that's a lot of wood.

Screengrab via Mojang

Wood is one of the most important early-game resources in Minecraft, but it can be a pain to gather. Tired of harvesting wood by hand, one player designed and built a dramatic system to collect it for them.

Reddit user JagggermanJansen shared a video of their creation, which they call the Fully Automatic Wood Farm. Inside a large factory-style setting, they built a variety of redstone pistons and mechanisms to remove wood from constantly-growing trees. The wood is then moved across the factory several times until it’s placed in a long line of other wood blocks, all of which are being pushed toward a TNT zone that blows up the wood. Once the wood reaches the end, it can be easily collected by the player.

Though the process is dramatic and commenters were suitably impressed, many asked whether this level of engineering was required for such a simple task as gathering wood. “Incredibly overengineered for such low rates, but it’s cool to watch,” said one viewer. JagggermanJansen responded, “Only [an] overengineer is a good engineer.” “This looks like a Minecraft How It’s Made episode,” said another commenter, which is a high compliment.

While some viewers asked for a tutorial, JagggermanJansen declined to share one, saying the process is “way [too] convoluted for that. [There] is probably a tutorial for something easier out there.” They did agree to publish the world that contains the factory, though, so interested viewers can see exactly how the contraption works.