How to use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Everyone needs a Blast Furnace.

Image via Mojang and Xbox

Minecraft is full of useful blocks that can make your experience easier or more efficient. Creating a base with a smooth workflow can make it easier to enjoy the game since you’ll have an easy way to craft the items you need. One item that can make a massive difference in Minecraft is the Blast Furnace, which can help you get the ingots you need in no time. 

The Blast Furnace is a better version of the Furnace that smelts ore blocks, armor, and tools at twice the speed. The only downside is that a Blast Furnace can only smelt these items, meaning you can’t cook food in them. But setting up a few Blast Furnaces can quickly churn out dozens of ingots after a long adventure. 

To craft a Blast Furnace, you’ll need five iron ingots, a regular Furnace, and three Smooth Stones. Place the Smooth Stone in the bottom row of the crafting grid, the Furnace in the center, and the five iron ingots around the Furnace. This creates one Blast Furnance, which can be placed almost anywhere. 

Blast Furnaces can use almost any fuel source, although they’re also used twice as fast. This drawback is negated as they also smelt twice as fast, and the same amount of fuel is consumed as a regular Furnace. 

Being able to smelt ore quickly can substantially cut down on time you spend waiting around, and smelting down your old armor can help recycle important ore. Every Minecraft base should have at least one Blast Furnace, so make sure to craft one as soon as possible.