How to make mud in Minecraft

This material has several different uses.

Image via Mojang

As with every update in Minecraft, Patch 1.19 has brought new biomes, blocks, and materials to the game. These can be used to upgrade your village, craft new items, or simply decorate your home.

One of the major resources added to the game was mud. It can be used for various things. If you’re out of clay but in dire need of bricks, you can place mud on top of dripstone to turn it into clay, which is a resourceful way of replenishing your brick supply. You can also use it to improve your home with new blocks, including muddy mangrove roots and mud bricks.

How to get mud

There’s no denying that the new material in Minecraft comes in handy for all sorts of things. But how do you make it?

There are a couple of methods to get mud in Minecraft. The first and simplest way is to create it by pouring water on dirt. To do so, just get a water bottle and use it on a dirt block, which will create mud. This will be available for you to destroy and collect. It can also be done on coarse and rooted dirt.

But with the update adding new biomes to the game, there’s another place to find mud. Players can explore the mangrove swamp biome, where mud spawns naturally and is free to collect.