How to grow a mangrove tree in Minecraft

Growing mangrove trees works a little differently than other trees.

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Minecraft‘s Wild Update included a bunch of new things including a new biome that has some new trees to chop down. One of those biomes is the mangrove swamp.

New areas mean new decorative items to bring back to your base, and with the mangrove swamp, there is a bunch of new flora and fauna to gather. Immediately upon entering a mangrove swamp biome, players will notice some different-looking trees.

These are called mangrove trees and they are able to be harvested and grown just like any other tree. They have roots that extend out of the ground and up into the trunk of the tree, and usually have vines hanging off of them when naturally spawned.

Unlike normal trees where you’ll have to chop down a tree and then wait for the leaves to spawn a sapling, mangrove trees will have their version of a sapling sitting right on the tree’s leaves. This means that players won’t necessarily have to chop down the tree if they are only after the item that will allow them to grow a tree elsewhere.

Screengrab via Mojang

The propagules are sitting underneath some of the leaves on mangrove trees. Propagules can be planted in many of the same places a regular tree can be planted, including mud, grass, and dirt, but they can also be planted underwater. Mangrove trees can be found naturally underwater, so it’s only fitting that they can be planted by the player underwater as well.

Mangrove trees have a different color from other trees, meaning that there are new creative ways to use the wood throughout your home. The wood has a muted magenta color and makes a new kind of door. New mangrove boats can also be crafted and used from wood.

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