How to find bees and make a beehive in Minecraft

What’s all the buzz about?

Image via Mojang

Minecraft is full of intriguing and helpful mobs, but bees are one of the most beneficial and often overlooked ones. Knowing where to find bees and how to make your own beehive can not only help you keep these cute little friends close but also allow you to improve your crop farming and harvest both honey and honeycomb. 

The best place to find bees is the meadow biome since they are guaranteed to always spawn there, but keep an eye out for them in any area with trees. Bees also have a chance of spawning in plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, forests, birch forests, and on any birch tree. In all of these situations, bees will be close to their bee nests, which are located on birch or oak tree trunks. 

Once you find some bees, you might want to make your own beehive so you can place it somewhere close to home. Beehives can be crafted using a crafting table with three honeycomb and six of any kind of wooden planks. To craft a beehive, place three wooden planks across the top slots, three honeycomb across the middle, and three more wooden planks across the bottom. 

The boost bees provide for your crops when farming as well as the resources that can be farmed from their nests or hives are very beneficial for survival gameplay. Next time you are a busy bee working hard in your new Minecraft world wondering what to do next, remember to go looking for some helpful bee friends.