How to craft and use a Chest Boat in Minecraft

Don't forget to use the new Chest Boat.

Image via Mojang

Storage is a crucial part of Minecraft, especially if you’re far from your main base or house. Nothing is worse than finding several rare or valuable items but not having enough room to carry them back home. But the Minecraft Wild Update is adding a new item to help you on your adventure across the open sea: a Chest Boat.

A Chest Boat combines a boat and chest for a useful new tool that can significantly help on long journeys. If you find yourself traveling by boat in your world often, you should seriously consider creating a Chest Boat before your next adventure. A Chest Boat only requires two items to create, making it an easy investment. 

Players just need to place a Boat and Chest into the crafting grid to create the useful new vehicle. You don’t need to put them in specific spots, so don’t worry about a particular pattern. You only need wood to create a Boat and Chest, so you can almost immediately make a Chest Boat as soon as you load into a world.

You can access the boat’s chest when standing outside the boat, allowing you to load items without entering the vessel. You can also access the contents of the chest by opening your inventory while in the boat.

Destroying the boat will cause all items in the chest to drop, so remember this before breaking it. A chest also prevents a second player from riding in the boat, so consider this when embarking on a boat ride with your friends.