Best Minecraft seeds for speedrunning

Cue Dream's speedrunning music.

Screengrab via Mojang

Minecraft is a game that allows players many different gameplay style options with one of the more popular competitive ones being speedrunning. The act of speedrunning in Minecraft refers to attempting to beat the game as fast as possible.

Speedrunning has been around for a while, and as such, can be attempted on any version of Minecraft. Because seeds vary and shift with each new version, make sure you load the corresponding version with each seed listed here. A list of speedrunning records, times, seeds, and other information across all versions of Minecraft is available here.

The best seeds are going to have similar features as aspects like a village spawn, a close nether fortress, a ruined portal, and other advantages make speedrunning much quicker. A good seed makes all the difference in your final speedrunning time, so here are some of the best seeds for speedrunning in Minecraft to help you get the fastest time possible.

Seed -4530634556500121041, Version 1.16

Screengrab via Mojang

This might be the best starting seed for speedrunning in existence. You spawn in a village that has beds you can grab to take with you to the End, there is lots of food in chest and around the village, and there is more than enough obsidian to bring to the ruined portal that can be obtained from a chest in the blacksmith’s house

The best part of this seed is that the End Portal in the nearest stronghold has all 12 eyes of ender already inserted. This means you can bypass fighting endermen, looking for a Nether fortress, and can hop right into the already activated portal. The odds of a Minecraft seed being this good are one in a trillion because those actually are the odds of all 12 end portal frames containing eyes of ender.

Seed -8767654563534078661, Version 1.17

Screengrab via Mojang

This seed presents a rather unique spawn for speedrunning that offers players different possibilities. A lava pool is mere blocks away from spawn that is perfect for creating a nether portal in, a village rich with resources can be seen from spawn, and an incredibly rare woodland mansion that is usually thousands of blocks away is also within quick walking distance.

Seed -5382121691834201596, Version 1.18

Screengrab via Mojang

There are two massive savanna villages close to spawning in this seed making it an excellent starting point for speedrunning. The closest village sprawls across the water and up hills with many resources available to start off your speedrun on the right foot.

Seed -3294725893620991126, Version 1.17

Screengrab via Mojang

Spawning near a village is essential for successful speedrunning and this seed spawns you right against the wall of a blacksmith’s house. The chest inside is full of supplies that will aid you in your speedrunning journey and a ruined portal underground nearby can easily be completed with the obsidian from the blacksmith’s house. This is a very popular seed for speedrunning because it was used in the current top record speedrun of the set seed category as well as the records of many of those who placed just below that.

Seed 2483313382402348964, Version 1.16

Screengrab via Mojang

This is another seed that has been used in a few successful speedruns. The spawn of this seed sets players up in a plentiful village that also has a ruined portal and enough obsidian in nearby chests to easily complete it. The Nether spawn from going through this portal leads players straight to a plentiful bastion remnant.

Seed 3740645539312026983, Version 1.17

Screengrab via Mojang

This is a solid seed with a spawn point close to a large village with various resources to help you on your speedrunning journey. The best part of this seed is the nearby ruined portal that has a chest with enough obsidian to complete the portal and head straight to the Nether.

Seed 8767524212631430171, Version 1.16

Screengrab via Mojang

While this seed doesn’t appear to be great at first, it was successfully used to obtain one of the current top speedrunning records in the random seed category. There is a shipwreck nearby and if you can get a nether portal made fairly close to the spawn area, going through it into the Nether will spawn you right next to a nether fortress. There is also a bastion remnant with lots of helpful resources nearby in the Nether.

Seed -6437212011562636058, Version 1.16

Screengrab via Mojang

The spawn of this seed is close to a shipwreck with decent starting resources for speedrunning. An underwater ravine a short distance away from spawn provides an excellent location to create a nether portal. Players who create their portal here or close to this location will spawn into the Nether right by a fortress and close to a bastion remnant, similar to the last seed. This seed was also used in a speedrun currently placed on the leaderboard.