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Best Mister Negative decks in Marvel Snap for February 2024

Negative powers, but a positive cube rate.

Marvel Snap has been a hugely popular game since it launched in 2022, offering addictive digital card gameplay along with classic Marvel characters. However, some newer characters are also included in the game, including a Spider-Man villain introduced in 2007: Mister Negative.

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Mister Negative is one of the main bad guys from the 2018 PlayStation game Marvel’s Spider-Man. The black and white villain with superhuman strength is a four-cost, negative one Power card in Marvel Snap with a game-changing effect that can either make or break you. Creating a deck centering around him can be an explosive option you can do in the game.

Here are the best Mister Negative decks in Marvel Snap.

Mister Negative card abilities in Marvel Snap

The card form of Mister Negative as seen on Marvel Snap.
Mister Negative’s effect is a high-risk, high-reward type of ability. Image via Second Dinner

Mister Negative is a four-cost card that has minus-one power. Isn’t that clever? Power is not his game, though. Mister Negative’s On Reveal ability will swap the Power and Energy cost of all cards in your deck. This means he’s incredibly powerful but also quite niche, and it’s difficult to dominate games with him without a little bit of luck.

You can make your own luck in Marvel Snap though with some key combo cards that turn Mister Negative into one of the more fun decks to play with when things go your way.

Mister Negative strategy in Marvel Snap

Mister Negative’s ability only affects cards within your deck, not your hand, so the entire strategy with him is to play him as soon as you possibly can to flip the Power and Energy levels of low Power cards for some big plays.

Luckily, there are a couple of cards that will enable you to play him on turn three and buff cards with a low base power in your decks to swap their stats and make them playable on any turn.

Best combo synergy with Mister Negative in Marvel Snap

There are two main cards you can use to play Mister Negative on turn three, with a little bit of luck by having them in your starting hand, or at least by turn two.

  • Psylocke
  • Zabu

Psylocke will give you plus-one energy for your next turn On Reveal, so if you play her on turn two and Mister Negative is already in your hand, get her into the action immediately.

For Zabu, it’s almost the same thing. Play him on turn two if you don’t have Psylocke and pray that your opponent doesn’t use Enchantress to remove Zabu’s Ongoing ability that makes four-cost cards one point cheaper.

Once Mister Negative is played, there are some big targets you want to hit in your deck. The targets are basically any card with zero Power because they will immediately get a Power boost when their stats are flipped while making them free to play.

  • Ironheart
  • Mystique
  • Iron Man
  • White Tiger
  • Jubilee

Angela will become a 0/2 card that gets buffed with two Power each time you play a card at her location. With a bunch of zero-cost cards in your hand, you can play a lot of them.

Ironheart will become 0/3 and buff three random friendly cards with an additional two Power, so you can save her for later in the game to pull off a big plus-six overall play, plus potentially more with a card like Wong or Absorbing Man.

Iron Man is one of Mister Negative’s biggest friends. Since Iron Man’s Ongoing ability doubles the Power at his location, he will become a 0/5 card if buffed by Negative, meaning that’s a minimum of 10 Power when you play Tony Stark.

White Tiger will become a 1/5 card that spawns a seven-Power tiger at another location, so 12 power for one Energy is a play that must be made as well. The same goes for Jubilee, who can become 1/4 and then play a second Negative’d card from your deck On Reveal.

The best Mister Negative decks in Marvel Snap

Negative Surfer

A Mister Negative deck from Marvel Snap, via Untapped.gg.
Are you ready? Screenshot via Untapped.gg

One of the most popular overall decks in August 2023, the Negative Surfer deck looks to play Surfer into Wong for added power across all lanes, which should be filled with the three-cost cards that make up more than half of the deck.

The fun interaction here is that even if Mister Negative swaps the stats of your three-cost cards, the game still reads them as being three-cost even if they’re changed to one or zero, so Silver Surfer will still give them plus-two Power On Reveal.

Save your Surfer for turn six after playing as many cards as you can, including hopefully Sera to discount all of your cards with one less cost, and surprise them in the most negative way possible.

Negative Monkey and Friends

Marvel Snap deck
From zero to hero. Screenshot via Untapped.gg

Aim to play Mister Negative on turn three, or as soon as possible. Not all hope is lost if you don’t, as you can still rack up some Power with Wolfsbane, Zabu, and Hit-Monkey.

The dream scenario is to play Psylocke or Zabu on turn two and Mister Negative on turn three with the majority of your zero-cost cards still in your deck, like Iron Man and Mystique. If you Negative both of them, you can play them back-to-back to double the Power at two out of three locations and the game is basically over at that point. If you have them in your hand and all goes to plan, snap immediately.

Negative Zola

Marvel Snap deck
This strategy never gets old. Screenshot via Untapped.gg

This iteration of the Mister Negative deck still relies on the card being played as soon as possible to execute explosive plays in the final turn.

But the main engine of the deck is to create copies of Black Panther with the help of Arnim Zola. The former can double its Power every time it is played. The latter can summon copies of a card in the location where you played it to other locations.

Mister Negative staples like Bishop, Iron Man, and Mystique are still essential to add more offensive prowess to the deck, as well as Devil Dinosaur and Leader. Bast, on the other hand, can make the Power of all cards in its user’s hand three, regardless of their original Power. This is a good backup plan in case you can’t play Negative in time.

How to counter Mister Negative decks in Marvel Snap

Mister Negative has the same archenemies as many cards in Marvel Snap. Cosmo, Enchantress, and Rogue will all be a pain in the neck for any of your Negative decks.

A Mister Negative deck is easy to read since you have to play Zabu or Psylock on turn two for maximum effectiveness, so the opponent can use priority to play Cosmo on one of three lanes to attempt to prevent his On Reveal ability.

Since some of Mister Negative’s best combo cards, like Iron Man, Mystique, and Sera, are Ongoing cards, Enchantress and Rogue are an absolute nightmare for Negative decks. Be ready to retreat at any moment if these cards come into play.

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