Twitch Rivals Legends of Runterra Swiss round standings and highlights

There were some intense matches.

Legends of Runeterra Riptide Rex
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A total of 16 top Twitch streamers are competing today in the first Legends of Runeterra Twitch Rivals tournament with a total prize pool of $100,000. 

Each competitor has dabbled in LoR, but some of them are dedicated competitive players in the grassroots community and stream Riot’s new digital card game daily. Here are all the streamers playing in this event.

The format for today’s event is one-vs-one Conquest in a best-of-three format with an upper and lower bracket following three rounds of Swiss. If a player wins a game with a deck, they need to play the third unbanned build for the remaining games of a match.

Once split into brackets, players will compete for the top placement within each bracket and a slice of the total $100,000 prize pool. 

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Swiss rounds

Each player brought a total of three decks, but an opponent can ban a deck per match. Each deck contains two regions that can’t be represented in the other two builds, leading to a total of six regions being used by each player. Each player will compete in three matches during the Swiss rounds to determine seats in the lower and upper brackets. 

Round one

Swim vs. Kripp

  • Bannerman banned.
  • Game one: Swim Elise/Vi against Kripp’s Noxus/P&Z Burn. Kripp wins with Burn going lethal with a Decimate. 
  • Game two: Swim Elise/Vi vs. Kripp’s They Who Endure. Vengeance saved the day for Swim, taking out a 19/19 They Who Endure.
  • Game three: Swim Lee Sin/Fizz Plunder vs. Kripp’s They Who Endure. Time runs out and Kripp wins with a 24/24 They Who Endure. 

Round two

DogDog vs. Firebat

Each player won their first matches.

  • Both players’ Demacia/Ionia decks were banned.
  • Game one: Firebat on They Who Endure against DogDog’s Freljord/P&Z Spider package. DogDog wins.
  • Game two: DogDog played Swain/Twisted Fate against Firebat’s They Who Endure. DogDog wins with Swain to go 2-0 in the tournament after round two. 

TianKami vs. Evangelion0

  • Tian won the first game playing Bannerman.
  • Game two: Tian played Sea Monsters against Evangelion’s Corina Control. Tian went Deep while leveling up Maokai and Nautilus, earning the match win by milling Evangelion. 

Round three

Following two rounds, four competitors remained undefeated. Swim and Mogwai tied in round two due to time running out, making round three an important match for both LoR players.

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Kibler vs. ItsHafu

  • Karma/Lux banned for Hafu and Heimer/Vi banned for Kibler.
  • Game one: Hafu on Corina Control against Kibler’s Sea Monster deck. Kibler takes the win with 40 points of lethal damage. 
  • Game two: Kibler played Swain/Sejuani against Hafu’s Corina Control. Kibler won again, finishing the Swiss rounds at 2-1. 

Mogwai vs. Maxim

  • Mogwai won the first game with Sea Monsters and the second game playing Ezreal/Karma. 

Swiss standings

Heading into the lower and upper bracket round, eight competitors were seated into each bracket.

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Bracket pairings

Upper bracket

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Lower bracket

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