Riot will run the LoR Singleton Gauntlet 2 weeks in a row

Start prepping those Purrsuit of Perfection builds.

Legends of Runeterra Purrsuit
Image via Riot Games

The first Singleton Gauntlet is scheduled to take place this weekend in Legends of Runeterra. And Riot revealed today that the event will run again next weekend, too. 

Based on constructed decks that can only use one copy of a card, Singleton will premiere in LoR from July 3 to 6. Players can only add a total of six champions, one copy of each, in addition to a single copy of units and spells within a 40-card build.  

Gauntlet events were initially reported to rotate every week between Singleton, Standard Constructed, and new unannounced modes. Standard was the first event to take place last weekend within the new Gauntlet mode, receiving positive reviews from LoR streamers and the community. And while Standard was fun, players have been anxiously awaiting the Singleton format.

This marks the first Singleton format in LoR, similar in nature to Expeditions but still different in that no card can contain more than one copy. It’s a unique and fun format to play that challenges players to think outside the box while still attempting to synergize an archetype. 

Players construct a 40-card deck based on the format running in Gauntlet and compete to earn seven wins. Similar to the Expedition mode, a player can lose and still compete unless they lose two in a row or suffer a loss on their sixth win. 

The first Singleton Gauntlet in LoR will run from July 3 to 6 and the second takes place from July 10 to 13.