Riot unveils Legends of Runeterra swindlers of Bilgewater

It’s best to watch your back in Bilgewater.

Riot revealed its fourth new Bilgewater Legends of Runeterra champion tonight, Twisted Fate, along with three units that support a new card-draw archetype. 

Bilgewater is a port city in Runeterra known for its gambling halls and swindling merchants. With the reveal of Twisted Fate tonight, three units were also announced to support the card-drawing champions archetype: Black Market Merchant, Pool Shark, and Brash Gambler. 

Pool Shark is a basic one-drop 1/2, who, when summoned, draws one Fleeting card the following round. Upon first glance, Pool Shark isn’t a highly playable unit because it doesn’t support Twisted Fate’s Level Up prior to him getting played. But it may have potential due to its ability during the mid and late game, especially by drawing a Fleeting card.

Black Market Merchant is a two-cost 2/2 who has a very unique ability via Plunder. If an opponent’s Nexus was damaged the turn he is played, you get to draw one card from the enemy’s deck, and when that card is drawn, reduce its cost by one. Drawing an opponent’s cards is a neat trick, but it’s too early to tell how useful Black Market Merchant will become. 

The final LoR unit revealed tonight was Brash Gambler, a four-cost 4/5 with plenty of upsides. To play her, you must discard two cards, which fits nicely into a Jinx build. When Brash Gambler attacks, you draw two Fleeting cards, supporting Twisted Fate and a handful of other LoR archetypes. 

Twisted Fate and his rowdy crew drop into LoR on April 28 via the new Rising Tides expansion and on mobile by April 30.